Pet Policy

Before you consider bringing your furry friend along with you, please read these guidelines.

Pet Policy

If you are interested in bringing a pet into your apartment you will need to review, print, complete and return the proper paperwork to the office for approval before the animal is ever on the premises. Your lease states that without approval, dogs and cats are not to be on the property for even a visit or you run the risk of hefty fines and are in direct violation of your lease. Please take steps to get your pet approved properly.

* No ferrets may ever be on the property.

weida allows dogs in their west lafayette apartments with a few qualificationsQualifications for Dogs

Age- Over 1 Year

Breed- No Aggressive Breeds (Such as Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Chows, Akita, Pit Bulls or the like)

Vaccinations- Up to Date Vet Records

Size- Under 50lbs.

Must be spayed/neutered.

weida allows cats in their west lafayette apartments with a few qualificationsQualifications for Cats

Age- Over 1 Year

Vaccinations- Up to Date Vet Records

Must be spayed/neutered.

Front Paws Declawed

Our Happy Tenants Say...

Great experience living with Weida - I reported my oven wasn’t working and management had it replaced with a brand new one within 24 hours!! Can’t express enough how thankful I am for the staff’s timeliness and help.

- Lara B.

Friendly staff, that's willing to work with you. Called the office to report my microwave wasn't working, and they sent maintenance in a timely manner.

- Molly A.

Coming to Purdue from so far away it was nice to have a pleasant renting experience. I've appreciated all of their friendliness and how responsive they've been anytime I need it. Thanks to everyone at Weida.

- Lizzie G.

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