Maintenance Mondays: Smoke Detector Maintenance

Smoke detectors typically get a lot of hate.  Most of the time, the frustration is warranted.  Smoke detectors are unpredictable and obnoxious; difficult to remember to maintain, but easy to dismantle instead of fix.  Really, though, smoke detectors are necessary, helpful, and often required for apartment life.  They have been proven to help save lives in the unfortunate event of a fire.  Unfortunately, no one is talking about how to properly use and maintain smoke detectors to eliminate the irritation…enter – this blog post.  Flip through this SlideShare post we created for helpful information and instruction on how to use and maintain your smoke detector. 

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See?  Using and maintaining your smoke detector doesn’t have to be that hard.  Now that you know the basics - the components of your smoke detector, how to test your smoke detector and how to change the batteries when necessary – don’t you want to show off your skills?  Go test your smoke detector….and maybe your neighbors’ as well!  Don’t forget to document the dates you test your smoke detector or change the batteries.  Download this easy to use Monthly Smoke Detector Test Document to make maintaining your smoke detector as simple as possible.